everything you need to know about going on a safari

Are you dreaming about going on a safari, but you are afraid that it is dangerous or you are wondering what to bring, 

then keep reading as we will try to answer all your burning questions about a safari in Tanzania here! 

We will start by addressing the most important issue about going on a safari: what to wear. Just kidding, even though that is almost equally important and we will get to that, then we will start with: is it dangerous to go on a safari? We wouldn’t call it dangerous to go on a safari, but you will be amongst wild animals, who are potentially dangerous and therefore you should be respectful. The main rule is that you have to stay inside the safari vehicle as the wild animals do not see cars as threats. Therefore a lion can be right next to you without even noticing you. Unless your guide, who has years of safari experience, says it’s okay to go out for example for a bush lunch, etc., then it is not a place to joke around. So, as said, being with your guide is safe as they have years of experience snd understand the wild animals and their behavior, and knows when to back away. Basically, if you take precautions and have respect for the wild animals and follow your guide, you will be as safe as you can be. 

How do you sleep on a safari? There are different options and basically depends on your budget. But no matter what kind of accommodation you choose, you will be sleeping in the middle of the wild and not in a fenced area. If you want a true wilderness experience and you’re on a budget, there is the option of camping. If you want a bit of luxury on your safari, then you can go for a tented lodge option, which comes at different price ranges. 

On safari in Serengeti, Tanzania
The tented lodge option on a safari in Tanzania
Sunrise on safari in Tanzania
Clothes to wear on a safari in Tanzania

But what are you going to eat on a safari? You are in the middle of the wild with no supermarkets or restaurants. If you are staying in a tented lodge, then do not worry, you will be on a full board stay and even get some snacks for your day of safari. If you are staying at the camp site, then also do not worry, as you will be accompanied by a chef, who will cook all your meals for your safari. We do recommened to buy other drinks or snacks before going on your safari, if you wish. 

Are you guaranteed to see all the wild animals on your safari? One could hope and we definitely hope that for you too, but there is no guarantee. It is the wild, and not a zoo, therefore you can drive around for hours without seeing anything, or you can see multiple lions and cheetahs in an hour. This is why, we always recommend to spend at least a couple of days on safari, so you increase the chance of seeing many wild animals.

What is the dress code on a safari? Green, white, and beige/brown/khaki (whatever you want to call it) are the best colors to wear on a safari. You do not need to stand out in colorful clothing, on the contrary, it is better to blend in with the wild. Also, stay away from black, as tsetse flies will eat you alive. You should also dress comfortably, as you will be spending most of the hours driving around in a safari car. As you may start your morning safari early, you should bring a sweater. We will put a more thorough packing list here below: 

Packing list for safari


  • Long pair of trousers (zip-off trousers if you wish) 
  • Shorts (or skirts for the ladies) 
  • T-shirts 
  • Light sweater or long-sleeved shirt 
  • Warm sweater or jacket 
  • A hat 
  • Underwear and socks 
  • Comfortable shoes 

Safari gear, accessories, and other:

  • Sunglasses
  • Duffelbag 
  • Daypack 
  • Water bottle 
  • Toilettries 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Lipbalm 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Insect repellent containing DEET 
  • Camera 
  • Chargers and multi-plug travel adapter 
  • Binoculars 

If camping: 

  • Towel 
  • Showergel, shampoo, and conditioner (small bottles) 
  • Flashlight 
  • Power bank 
  • Sleeping bag liners
  • Toilet paper 

We hope that this gave you some clarification regarding a safari in Tanzania and what to expect. If you have more questions or you’re simply ready to book your safari then get in touch with us today! Send us an email at info@msafiritanzania.com or click on the pretty WhatsApp button to start a chat.


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