Msafiri means traveler in Swahili

Msafiri Tanzania is a tour company based in Tanzania and owned by a Danish/Tanzanian couple. 

So who are we? 

Emma is from Copenhagen, Denmark, where she left home at 19 to go explore the world. She started her adventure in South Africa and Tanzania, and later went to explore other parts of the world such as Australia and Asia, but she kept making her way back to Tanzania. She also made her way back to Denmark to get a degree in international sales and marketing, but even during her studies, she managed to come back to Tanzania for an internship. 3 days after graduation she jumped on a plane back to Tanzania and it has basically been her home since then. Besides all the traveling, she has years of experience in the hospitality industry and thrives on providing quality service and having guests with smiles on their faces. 

Nicko is from Arusha, Tanzania, and is also an experienced traveler around Africa and Europe, and therefore understands both cultures. He is a very passionate photographer (as you can see from all the pictures on this page and our instagram), and an experienced guide. He has a degree in tourism and has worked within the field for many years, and takes great pride in showing off his beautiful country. 

We thought that msafiri was a very suitable name, as we are dedicated travelers ourselves and have traveled to most parts of the country. We, therefore, have a lot of knowledge about traveling to and around Tanzania, that we love to share with you. We love to share the beauty of Tanzania, especially through our Instagram msafiri_tanzania, and inspire other travelers to take the leap and travel to Tanzania. We are big on planning and organizing, and we take huge pride in being able to plan your trip to Tanzania. 

When booking with Msafiri Tanzania, you will be dealing directly with us, and we will be at your disposal before and during your trip, so you will always be able to contact us. 

Our mission is to give our clients the trip of their lifetime and we believe this is done with communication between us and you as a client, wherewith our local knowledge, you can create the trip you dream of.


So why choose Msafiri Tanzania?


First of all, you will deal with experienced travelers, someone who has been in your shoes already. Second of all, we are very dedicated to fulfill your dream holiday to Tanzania, and we will take care of everything for you from start to end. You will not need to worry about a thing, except enjoying your holiday. Lastly and most importantly, we believe that not all trips should be the same, as we are all different. We all have different expectations for our holidays, interests, what we would like to experience, how we want to manage our time, how much time we have, how big our budget is, etc. Therefore we do not provide general itineraries, but we specialize in creating tailor-made tours, where we customise the tour exclusively based on YOU.

Zebras at Maramboi

“Emma and Nicko are clearly used to organizing tours for tourists - but without the feeling that we have fallen into a superficial "tourist trap". There was always room to be flexible with the planning, and they were just incredibly pleasant company. We can highly recommend contacting them if you are planning a trip to Tanzania. ”


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