Day Trips

Hot springs

Kikuletwa Hot Spring also known as Maji Moto is located in Kilimanjaro, and it is a perfect small oasis in the middle of the dry land. It is surrounded by palm trees, stunning sprawling fig trees and has crystal blue water to take a dip in. It is one of the best places to admire the wonders of nature and enjoy life, by relaxing, swimming, eating, and getting a free fish spa.

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrance, local guide, lunch and water

Hotspring, Tanzania
Waterfall, Day Trip, Tanzania

Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Tour

Materuni Waterfall is the largest waterfall in the area and found on the hills of Mount Kilimanjaro. To get there, you will take a walk through a local village and lush green areas, where you are finally met with the breathtakingly magnificent sight of this beautiful waterfall when you arrive at the end. For the daring and those who don’t shy away from cold water, there is of course the opportunity for a refreshing dip. After a sight and a swim, you will walk back to the starting point, where you will be able to make your own Kilimanjaro coffee from bean to cup.

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrance + coffee tour, local guide, lunch and water 

lake chala

A beautiful clear blue lake located on the border to Kenya, where you can enjoy a day on the water in kayaks, the nice views and go for a walk to a dry river (when it is not rain season). The river is a nearby hidden gem, which with its undiscovered feeling, is certainly worth the steps.

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrance, government park fees, local guide, kayaking (optional), lunch and water 

Lake Chala, Tanzania
Day Trip, Masaai, Tanzania

maasai cultural trip

Starting this trip, you will receive a warm welcome from the local Maasai tribe, whereafter you will embark upon a nature walk guided by a local Maasai. After learning all about the tribe’s culture, history and living style you will get a hot lunch and a chance to relax, and enjoy the views of the land from an infinity pool. 

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrance, local guide, nature walk, hot lunch and water 

Waterfall, Day Trip, Tanzania

marangu waterfall and chagga caves

It is a short hike down to this beautiful waterfall in the Marangu village. This trip will give you a chance to connect with nature as well as give you cultural and historical insights and knowledge, as you will continue on to the Chagga caves after the waterfall. The Chagga tribe and the Masaai tribe live peacefully amongst each other now, but it wasn’t always like this, and you will hear all about it during this tour.

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrances, local guides, lunch and water 

Arusha National Park

This national park in Arusha is perfect for a day trip to see giraffes, buffaloes, and other wild animals. Arusha National Park also happens to be the perfect place for a walking safari. Getting close and personal to wildlife is truly thrilling and an enchanting experience. At the end, you will also reach a beautiful waterfall descending from Mount Meru. 

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrance, government park fees, local guide, walking safari, lunch and water 

Safari, Arusha NP, Day Trip, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro day hike

If your time is tight and you don’t want to spend a week on a mountain, or you are afraid of altitude, or whichever reason there is to not want to climb to the top of the mountain, but you still want to go for a day hike or see what Kilimanjaro National Park is all about, then this trip is for you. 

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, entrance, government park fees, local guide, lunch and water 

Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania
Bike riding, day trip, tanzania

Mountain Bike riding

Enjoy an adventurous bike ride with views of the outstanding Mount Kilimanjaro, while you tour around the local village at the foot of the mountain. There is also an option to do all the above-mentioned tours by bike. Lastly, you can do a mountain bike tour of West Kilimanjaro,  which is a truly thrilling ride with the possibility of spotting wild animals.

Duration: Half or full day 

Included: Transfer, mountain bikes and all the gear, local guide, lunch and water 

horse riding

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, or just seeking an exceptional experience, then a couple of hours on horseback in glorious surroundings is ideal for you. It is a 2-hour ride in a Wildlife Estate, where you get to see zebras, wildebeest, impalas, elands etc. up close, whilst feeling in peace with nature.

Duration: Full day 

Included: Transfer, horse riding, lunch and water 

Horse riding, day trip, tanzania
Sunset in Tanzania

Sunset in the bush

Are you a big nature and sunset lover, then this is for you! Join us for a sunset in the bush which includes the possibility of seeing giraffes, zebras and more without even having to enter a national park – how insane is Tanzania! It, of course, also includes an epic sunset spot with a drink of your choice. 

Duration: Half day 

Included: Transfer, government fees, snacks and drinks 

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